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Qskip is a mobile app based Store management system for small to large size Grocery Retail stores. It comes with a lot of impressive features for Retail store owners to get more customers and manage their Store Operations properly.

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Easy inventory Management

Qskip comes with a feature to manage the inventory of your store via mobile application. So you won’t have to spend thousands on Software and Hardware to manage this. It provides features such as Total revenues, Total orders, Total number of items In stock, Low stock notification, Most sold items and many more.

Easy Customer Management

Qskip comes with Revenue increasing feature for The Retailers. You can Provide In-store shopping (If your store have large space for customers to enter in store and buy), Pickup from the store and Home delivery from The Store.

Paperless Billing

When You register with Qskip, you won’t have to worry about spending thousands on Printer and papers for billing. You can send bill to customers via Qskip application to their E-mail Id.

Online and Offline Payments

You can collect Online as well as Offline Payments from your customers via Qskip Mobile application with Multiple payment methods.


INR 500 Per Month

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